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SIOP 2014 Reviews

I got a paper into SIOP 2014:

Whelan, T. J., Stoughton, J. W., Craig, S. B., & Parry, K. W. (2014, May). A short-form of the Perceived Leadership Integrity Scale (sPLIS)Poster to be presented at the 29th annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Honolulu, HI.

Tom, whom I’ve worked with extensively in the past, was the lead author on the project. He had done a similar project a while back looking at the Big Five, which was also presented at SIOP. I’m very pleased that this got into the conference, I would really like to see more short-form developments that utilize IRT. I think there are a number of models that could be useful for these types of scale development efforts. You can download the paper in the conference papers section of my research page.

If you submitted papers to SIOP 2014, I hope the decisions on your manuscripts were favorable!

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