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Funding the Sciences

While I typically use these posts as a forum for what is going on with my research, I'm going to post something different today and give an update on my brother's research. My brother, Thomas Stoughton, is a Alpine Botanist completing his PhD at … [Read more]

SIOP Conference 2014

The dust has settled on the SIOP submission deadline (5:00pm, 11 SEPT 13) and I've had some time to take stock of how it went this year. I was on three submissions, two first author and one second author submission. This year the theme of my … [Read more]

More Coverage for Big Five Article

My recent paper, "Big Five Personality Traits Reflected in Job Applicants' Social Media Postings," has generated some discussion at ars technica. Jon Gitlin, author of the ars technica piece, takes away a slightly different message than Slate … [Read more]

Facebook Research Featured on NPR

My recent article, "Big Five Personality Traits Reflected in Job Applicants’ Social Media Postings," coauthored by Drs. Lori Foster Thompson and Adam Meade, was featured on American Public Media's Marketplace Tech. American Public Media's … [Read more]

Hello academia!

Welcome to my website! This website was designed around my academic pursuits and research efforts. I plan to make updates on these efforts and things that impact my research or I'm finding interesting in the world of work and organization psychology. … [Read more]