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New Article In Press

I recently had another article, “Examining applicant reactions to the use of social networking websites in pre-employment screening,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Business and Psychology. The article can be downloaded here, the final publication is available at

I am very excited to publish in this outlet. The 2012 impact factor for the journal is 1.727 and is trending up; for comparison, in 2009 JBP’s impact factor was 0.44. Moreover, the Journal of Business and Psychology is ranked 20/72 in Applied Psychology journals.

To me this even more exciting because the article joins a small, but growing body of empirical work on social networking websites and employment. I hope that this paper can advance this area of research and that by publishing in the Journal of Business and Psychology the manuscript will have increased visibility to aid in this aim. Publishing on the topic of social networking websites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and work has been difficult, but appears that the topic is gaining some steam.

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