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More on Crowdfunding

I have to admit I’ve gotten pretty invigorated by my brother’s Microryza Project, I’m enthralled by the thought of crowdfunding research and keep thinking about how I might utilize the tool one day. My digging led me to an interesting portrait of the start-up, where the founders talk about the genesis of the idea and company. I tend to agree with them that the system is not setup for the “new” researcher. This is true in i/o psychology as much as it is in the field of biology where the Microryza co-founder started out. For me, each new journal submission, grant proposal (more often contract proposal), or IRB submission is an attempt to learn more about the academic world and how to be successful competing against people who have been there before. The only way around having a shorter publication list is to build it or team with those who do. Right now I’m attempting to do both and attempting to find my way; hopefully crowdfunding will present another mechanism for kickstarting somebody’s research program when grant dollars just aren’t available to fund their important idea.

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